Abstract paintings created in Oil, 24k Gold Leaf and 12k White Gold Leaf on Canvas.

Upcoming Events:

Solo Exhibit:  “New Beginnings” : A Path of Wabi Sabi

Opening Reception:  Friday, September 16, 5pm-7pm

Show Dates: September 14- October 11, 2016

Gallery 901, 708 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM

This show is a snapshot of where I am now.  Throughout my life I have studied and created art as well as searched for meaning through various techniques and philosophies.  I have found “Wabi Sabi”,  the Japanese aesthetic philosophy.  It is a world view that accepts the impermanence and imperfection of the beauty as exemplified in nature.  The concept resonates with me as an artist.  Asymmetry, simplicity, texture  and the voice of the media itself are central to my process as an artist and are definitions of Wabi Sabi.  My new body of work incorporates these elements.  I layer paint in washes:  depth, movement and composition emerge from the voice of the paint itself.  Sculptors say they find the image in the stone; I feel as if I find the image in the paint itself.  The paint leads.

Sunlit II oil on Canvas, 72" x 24"
Sunlit II
oil on Canvas, 84″ x 24″