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March 2017

Happy Spring to All!!
New Representation in Santa Fe!
VIVO Contemporary

“Giving Voice to Image”
Poetry and Paintings
Show Dates: March 15 – May 16, 2017
Poetry Readings:
Friday, April 7, 5:30 & Friday April 28, 5:30
725 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501, 505 982-1320
see show images at

Cloud Play 40″ x 40″

This is the Fifth Annual “Giving Voice to Image” at Vivo Contemporary. Professional poets are asked to come in and write about an art work of their choice. The following is a poem written by Kyce Bello about my painting “Cloud Play”.

Kyce Bello

Gilded ages give way, but it is still God
looking out from the foothills,
eyes peeled
for the hour clouds rear into storm.

As birds flock and lift from the understory,
my head covering unravels,
a white flag whipping across white-gray sky.

It leaves me bereft
but able to pray as if for the first time
with my ears.

Silence runs through
the house like seams of gold
mending a cracked kintsugi,

the bowl rendered more precious
by its breaking.

Thunder barrows over our voices.
There are fields that hold fields that hold fields.

Blades of grass wind-bent to the ground.
Footfalls between here and –

The storm’s first scattered rain.

Please stop by and see the show.
VIVO Contemporary is open daily 10- 5.
See more works on the Vivo website:
Also you can see more art of mine on and my website:
Also I will be opening my studio beginning in May to Studio visits by appointment.
I hope you are have a great spring!
Warm Regards,


September 2016

Sunlit II
oil on Canvas, 84″x 24″

Gallery 901
Rachel Darnell
Solo Exhibition

New Beginnings: A Path of Wabi Sabi
Artist’s Reception: Friday Sept 16, 5-7
Show Dates Sept 13- Oct 11, 2016
708 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501, 505 780-8390
see show images at

This show is a snapshot of where I am now. Throughout my life I have studied and created art as well as searched for meaning through various techniques and philosophies. I have found “Wabi Sabi” the Japanese aesthetic philosophy. It is a world view that accepts the impermanence and imperfection of beauty as exemplified in nature. The concept resonates with me as an artist. Asymmetry, simplicity, texture the voice of the media itself are central to my process as an artist and are definitions of Wabi Sabi. My new body of work incorporates these elements. I layer paint in washes: depth, movement and composition emerge from the voice of the paint itself. As sculptors say the find the image in the stone; I feel as if I find the image in the paint itself. The paint leads.


July 20,2016
The Last three years!!
Well its been three years since I sold and closed Darnell Fine Art. After a lot of rest, travel, yoga and painting its time to say hello again!

I am now represented by three terrific galleries:
Gallery 901, 708 Canyon Road, Santa Fe
Gallery Orange, 819 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA
Cappaert Contemporary Gallery, 7901 State Hwy 42, Egg Harbor, WI

Please visit their websites to see what is available and visit my website for an over all peruse:

I have a great studio in Madrid, New Mexico. It is in the old school house, a WPA building. I have an old classroom with giant windows and ceilings. It is such a pleasure to spread out and create! I’m also teaching private classes in abstract painting, email me if you are interested.

I have traveled to India, Mexico and Hawaii in the last three years. India and Hawaii were yoga retreats. I have gained a great deal of inspiration from traveling which have resulted in three new Series. The “Prana Series”, Sanskrit for energy, the “Meditation Series” and “The Wabi Sabi Series”. Wabi Sabi is the Japanese aesthetic philosophy of the imperfection and impermanence of beauty in nature.

I’m Looking forward to reconnecting with you!



Art Musings By Rachel Darnell


Excitement and apprehension with my first blog post!  Spring being new beginnings, here is a new beginning for me and whoever is reading this.  As such,  here is a piece I painted for myself.  “Sunlit II” oil in canvas 84″ x 24″.  It was painted in two stages, “Sunlit I” very soft and amorphous, but not enough energy and movement.  So with additional  layers of color and overlay “Sunlit II” appeared.

When I look at sunlight I can see the color spectrum broken into shining parts, sparkling and dancing….

Sunlit II oil on Canvas, 72" x 24"
Sunlit II
oil on Canvas, 84″ x 24″